Pentax KP

Henk Terhell hterhell at
Tue Sep 29 11:33:09 EDT 2020

Probably the new Pentax APS-C will be some sort of limited edition 
flagship with improved viewfinder and grip, but lacking  features as 
flippy screen and GPS.
Doesn't look to be a workhorse for nature photography as the K-1.


Op 2020-09-29 om 14:58 schreef Bill:
> On Mon., Sep. 28, 2020, 11:36 p.m. Christine Aguila, <christine at>
> wrote:
>> Thanks, everyone!  I’m so out of touch with Pentax gear; it’s
>> embarrassing.  I was also stunned to hear about Canon and Nikon’s shift to
>> mirrorless cameras.  I hope to give all my gear a workout for the next
>> couple of weeks.  I have a few photo-homework-assignments in mind with the
>> hope of getting my photog-eye back into shape.
> Canon and Nikon are playing a desperate game trying to stay relevant. I
> fully expect Canon to go full mirrorless within a few years and drop the EF
> mount in much the same fashion that they dropped the FD mount.
> Nikon may or may not go full mirrorless, though I do expect they will
> continue to support the F mount.
> Ricoh has signaled that they are going to stick with SLR cameras, their
> soon to be seen APS-C flagship is apparently going to have a 1.05%
> viewfinder, which will be a great improvement over their present ones that
> are somewhere around 90%, IIRC.
> Pentax has the benefit of being very small, not a bad thing these days.
> bill

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