Afterburn GESOs

Larry Colen lrc at
Sat Sep 19 02:14:59 EDT 2020

A fairly large documentary, rather than artistic,  set  from driving around in the burn zones last weekend.  The photos closest to my house were about 1.2 miles (2 klicks) straight line.

When I reached the first burned areas, and realized how close they were to my home, it was a bit of a gut punch.  One of the places I stopped, and I haven’t posted photos from there yet, was a friend’s house.  PQ Boomer was one of my high school teachers who let students build a castle, and other fun things like a pipe organ and a guillotine, and let the students have weekend long water battles there.  Fortunately, very little was lost, but it came very close to being a total loss. That realization had a bit of an emotional impact as well. 

I had permission to photograph these things that belonged to a friend. They were stored in a shed, and while the house didn’t burn, the shed did

Larry Colen
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