OT Peak Design bags

Toine toine at repiuk.nl
Fri Sep 18 15:37:19 EDT 2020

I have an old Peak Design messenger v1 bag and after many years the zipper
broke. It was ready for the recycle bin and then I remembered their
garanteed for life. Lost my paperwork, tried their website and within one
hour and two pictures of the bag and its serial number hidden inside the
bag it was done. Two days later I got a brand new bag.
I'm stunned and now I got more of their stuff like a slide belt.
I once purchased an extended garantee on a Siemens and halfway the garantee
period the contraption broke and Siemens claimed repairing was no option. I
could get a coupon on a new one to be purchased in their company web shop.
In the EU thats legal!

Not with Peak Design. Highly recommend!

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