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Fri Sep 18 12:44:05 EDT 2020

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On September 18, 2020 8:00:11 AM PDT, Bob Pdml <pdmlbw at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 17 Sep 2020, at 14:44, Godfrey DiGiorgi <godfreydigiorgi at me.com>
> wrote:
>>> I’ve just had a quick look through the menu of my typ242 and I can’t
> see the export option - enlighten me, please!
>>> Mind you, the M menus and settings are so simple it’s no big deal
> rebuilding them, unlike the Olympus and Fuji, which are a UI nightmare.
>>> I guess on the Leicas which don’t have a TV on the back it’s fairly
> crucial to be able to set things up with your smartphone.
>> Hi BobW,
>> I presume you mean typ 262 or typ 240 … :)
> Typ262. 
>> MENU > User Profile > Manage Profiles > Export Profiles
>> MENU > User Profile > Manage Profiles > Import Profiles
>> There is also Save as Profile and Rename Profile in the same submenu.
> Nope. No User Profile on mine. Perhaps it’s one of those typ260s they
> sell cheap on eBay.
> I do intend to buy one of the LCD-less Ms at some point within the next
> few months, one that has the same dimensions as my M3 rather than the
> thicker body. But first I have to sell my M8, and my typ2x2, and the
> 21/2.8 Elmarit-M, and the Voigtlander 75/1.8. And whatever remains of
> my soul. 

Ah, different location in the menu system on typ 262 models with an LCD:
In the English section of the German/English manual, p128 describes the main menu and the 'picture parameters' menu. The latter includes the lens profiles and user profiles settings. Page 162 describes the User Profiles submenu, with all of the Management submenu functions as described above. 

If I were to buy another M body, I'd likely pick one of either the M10-D or M10-M. I'd be looking for more of a niche use camera, and both of these have enough different about their features that they would satisfy that criteria. 

But I'm unlikely to buy anything more for a while yet. I'm pretty happy with the gear I'm using now and don't feel motivated to spend much money on more for the present. :)

No matter where you go, there you are.

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