OT camera: question colour vibrant in photos

Ken Waller kwaller at peoplepc.com
Thu Sep 17 17:57:12 EDT 2020

I know I’ve seen presentations discussing the color differences among various makers cameras.

How did you observe the color differences? If you made your observation directly from their camera bodies, they may have made in-camera adjustments effecting the color of those images.

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>Adobe RGB is best for printing -- SRGB best for viewing on (most?) 
>digital devices ..   somewhere I read or was told that.
>On 9/17/2020 11:10 AM, David J Brooks wrote:
>> I have a concern of late, it involves my D7200 compared to friends that
>> have ff ni,kons.
>> In regards to my latest GESO i saw GESO;s of others that were on the field
>> trip using nikon FF and noticed that their colours are much more vibrant
>> than mine. They attest to very little if any LR or PS adjustments and i'm
>> usually doing some minor adjustments to try and bring the pop to the
>> colours but seem to fall flatter than theirs.
>> I usually don't have an issue with my K-5 .
>> I read a while back that Nikon tends to lean to the reds and browns and
>> Pentax leans to the blues and greens. I also use RAW as they do and Abobe
>> RGB colour space in camera.
>> Any thoughts or tips??
>> Dave
>ann sanfedele photography

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