PESO: mushroom season

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at
Thu Sep 17 13:26:46 EDT 2020

That's a very attractive photo, especially at a higher(tighter) zoom 
level, where you can see every detail, as a few people have pointed out 
The glow is a nice touch!

Despite being avid mushroom gatherers (and eaters), we've never gathered
any of this type. Of all the mushrooms growing on trees and stumps, we 
only gathered Armillaria - which we liked a lot! Those are tasty and easy 
to handle, as they are almost never damaged by larva ("worms").

(Fun fact: in Russian, sulphur shelf/sulphur polypore mushrooms are called 
"trutoviki", which shares the word root with "truten'" - drone bee; this 
root means "parasite". These mushrooms are sometimes regarded as 
"sanitarians of forests" that help keeping the forests healthy, but seen 
as "pests" in personal gardens, as they ensure a quick death of your 
favorite fruit tree.)


ann sanfedele Thu, 17 Sep 2020 03:45:42 -0700 wrote:

That is such a lovely photo.. I've eaten them and they are delicious - one 
of the few I felt confident enough to gather.   I bet it was not long 
before those were cut down... commonly called sulphur shelf here.


On 9/17/2020 3:25 AM, Henk Terhell wrote:

     Autumn is still very sunny here in western Europe so mushrooms are 
only slowly popping up.

     Here a more resilient type, sulphur polypore on a dead tree.
     You can eat these but I rather stick to carrots.


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