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Godfrey DiGiorgi godfreydigiorgi at me.com
Thu Sep 17 09:43:36 EDT 2020

> On Sep 17, 2020, at 5:32 AM, Bob Pdml <pdmlbw at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 17 Sep 2020, at 09:10, Godfrey DiGiorgi <godfreydigiorgi at me.com> wrote:
>> Leica has supported exporting user settings to the SD card and reloading them since the first Leica M digital camera was released. The M models, the T/TL/TL2/CL/SL/SL2 all have this functionality, some of the others too. My current CL model allows me to define five or six user profiles (plus the factory default profile) and export/import them as desired, transfer them to another CL, etc. You can't have multiple sets of user profiles without doing some manual naming/renaming of the export settings file outside of the camera with your computer, but what's there covers what I need very well anyway. 
> I’ve just had a quick look through the menu of my typ242 and I can’t see the export option - enlighten me, please!
> Mind you, the M menus and settings are so simple it’s no big deal rebuilding them, unlike the Olympus and Fuji, which are a UI nightmare.
> I guess on the Leicas which don’t have a TV on the back it’s fairly crucial to be able to set things up with your smartphone.

Hi BobW,

I presume you mean typ 262 or typ 240 … :)

MENU > User Profile > Manage Profiles > Export Profiles
MENU > User Profile > Manage Profiles > Import Profiles

There is also Save as Profile and Rename Profile in the same submenu. 

Regards the LCD-less digital Ms:

- The Leica M-D 262 does not have any user profiles … It has virtually no settings at all, beyond the focus/exposure/drive mode/self timer discrete settings and the clock. 

- The Leica M10-D does have user profiles, but you set them up and manage them using the smartphone app. 

It's true that the menus on Leica cameras tend to be very straightforward and easy to set up, but it's notable that Leica recognized early that this customization business is something that users should be able to store and reload easily. 


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