PESO: mushroom season

John jsessoms002 at
Thu Sep 17 09:16:06 EDT 2020

Is there any way to make a garden the monkeys can't get into?

On 9/17/2020 03:50:33, Alan C wrote:
> That's an impressive image, Henk. When I enlarge it even the water droplets are 
> visible.
> Hot & dry here now. Many animals are struggling to find enough food. Not the big 
> cats, mind you! The Vervet Monkeys have ruined my vegetable garden. They even 
> pulled out the carrots.
> Alan C
> On 17-Sep-20 09:25 AM, Henk Terhell wrote:
>> Autumn is still very sunny here in western Europe so mushrooms are only slowly 
>> popping up.
>> Here a more resilient type, sulphur polypore on a dead tree.
>> You can eat these but I rather stick to carrots.
>> Henk

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