Feature request/wish

Bob Pdml pdmlbw at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 08:32:37 EDT 2020

> On 17 Sep 2020, at 09:10, Godfrey DiGiorgi <godfreydigiorgi at me.com> wrote:
> Leica has supported exporting user settings to the SD card and reloading them since the first Leica M digital camera was released. The M models, the T/TL/TL2/CL/SL/SL2 all have this functionality, some of the others too. My current CL model allows me to define five or six user profiles (plus the factory default profile) and export/import them as desired, transfer them to another CL, etc. You can't have multiple sets of user profiles without doing some manual naming/renaming of the export settings file outside of the camera with your computer, but what's there covers what I need very well anyway. 

I’ve just had a quick look through the menu of my typ242 and I can’t see the export option - enlighten me, please!

Mind you, the M menus and settings are so simple it’s no big deal rebuilding them, unlike the Olympus and Fuji, which are a UI nightmare.

I guess on the Leicas which don’t have a TV on the back it’s fairly crucial to be able to set things up with your smartphone.

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