OT: Largest Digital Camera

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at komkon.org
Mon Sep 14 15:11:26 EDT 2020

On Sep 13, 2020, at 5:57 PM, Bruce Walker wrote:
> On Sun, Sep 13, 2020 at 8:21 PM Larry Colen <l... at red4est.com> wrote:
>>> On Sep 13, 2020, at 5:04 PM, Bruce Walker <bruce.wal... at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> In ten years that rez will come in one of the standard cameras in an iPhone.
>> lets call green light 500nm, so if I do my math right, a square sensor
>> 60,000 photons on a side would be 30 um on a side. So, that kind of sets a
>> bottom limit on how small that resolution sensor could be.
> Not a problem. They will get around physical limits through a
> combination of: pixel-shift, software interpolation and extrapolation,
> and with current upward sizing trends, by 2030 the latest iPhone will
> be about the size of a sheet of drywall.

I like that thought about the upward-sizing trends:
laptops are becoming desktops,
tablets are becoming laptops,
phones are becoming tablets,
watches are becoming new phones.

The resolution of the phones by far exceeds the resolution of the TVs from 
1960s. So, Fresnel lenses are offered again:
  as in good ol' days:



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