My new Pentax

Bob Pdml pdmlbw at
Sun Sep 13 17:00:24 EDT 2020

> On 13 Sep 2020, at 19:07, Juan Buhler <juanbuhler at> wrote:
> My first real camera was an ME super with the M50/1.7. It was the silver
> model, just like probably 99%+ of them, at least thatś what the proportion
> of silver vs black ones seems to be.
> I […]
> So while I've moved to a Fuji X-T30 for my main photography (this is the
> closest you can get in digital to the feel of an MX, btw!), today I am
> going out with the ME-Super and a roll of Fujicolor 200. Plus the MX-1 just
> to shoot some DNGs as well and keep it Pentax.
> Just look at this beauty:

Lovely - and I think you may be right about that Fuji!

Here’s the MX I bought new in 1979, gave up smoking for a year to pay for it. I don’t have the 50/1.7 lens it came with - that was among a ton of stuff that was stolen in 2000. That’s the 40mm pancake lens. I also have a 24-35/3.5 Lens and a Winder MX. When I got the stuff out just now to take the picture the wonder started whirring at me, which was a surprise as I didn’t realise it had batteries in. I took them out - they are dated Mar 2002... now in the battery recycling jar. The strap is an LX strap, the tripod an original Marchioni.

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