PESO: Crocodile Skin Boots & Shop Steward - Wrap up

Alan C cole at
Sun Sep 13 03:11:45 EDT 2020

Thanks to all who looked & commented. The subjects are about 50m 
distant. Harsh light. I Couldn't get closer without breaking the rules.

Yes, Rick, I have the same problem. I think it is drooping down 
underwater towards the bank. That massive croc. has been hanging around 
for some time & seems to be the only one. There is also a lone Hippo. 
Sable Dam is fed by local perennial streams & is far from the Letaba & 
Olifants rivers so it is amazing they are there at all. They probably 
moved upstream during a rainy season.

Saddlebilled Storks are generally found in pairs. I'll wager that is a 
male & his mate is sitting on eggs in a nest on top of a thorn tree 
somewhere nearby.

Alan C

On 11-Sep-20 02:35 AM, Rick Womer wrote:
> Nice photo. I keep looking for the rest of the tail, though.
> Rick
>> On Sep 10, 2020, at 5:41 AM, Ralf R Radermacher <fotoralf at> wrote:
>> Am 10.09.20 um 11:14 schrieb lrc at
>>> I thought the first stage of manufacture required two crocodiles.
>> Wouldn't the other one be beneath the one we see in the photo?
>> Ralf
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