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John jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com
Fri Sep 11 15:36:58 EDT 2020

We've had occasional small earthquakes around here, but the only one I remember 
experiencing was the August 2011 earthquake in Northern Virginia.

I remember it as a low rumble that rattled my windows. IIRC it lasted about 2 
minutes, building up slowly & then tapering off. About half way through I had 
the sudden realization that I was hearing & feeling an earthquake.

The Wikipedia article about it mentions all the states on the Atlantic Coast 
*except* North Carolina.

It even mentions the earthquake effects on mid-western states Ohio, Illinois, 
Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota ...Canadian provinces Ontario, 
Quebec and the Maritime provinces along with Kentucky & Alabama, but nary a 
mention of North Carolina.

On 9/9/2020 15:17:27, Daniel J. Matyola wrote:
> We are about 40 miles from the epicenter.  We did not feel if/
> There was a quake of about the same magnitude on the Alaskan Peninsula
> while we were there.  I was sleeping, and woke up at the time of the quake,
> even though I did not feel any of its effects.
> We sit atop something called the Peapack Fault.  Every 5-10 years we
> experience a very mild (2.0 - 3.3) earthquake, but never any damage.  Not
> like the one in CA.
> Dan Matyola
> *https://tinyurl.com/DJM-Pentax-Gallery
> <https://tinyurl.com/DJM-Pentax-Gallery>*
> On Wed, Sep 9, 2020 at 12:25 PM John <jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com> wrote:
>> PS: How close were you to this morning's New Jersey earthquake? Did it
>> wake you up?

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