PESO - Olivia

Larry Colen lrc at
Wed Sep 9 19:40:53 EDT 2020

> On Sep 9, 2020, at 4:30 PM, Bruce Walker <bruce.walker at> wrote:
> Broke my COVID-19 exile two weeks ago today for my first studio shoot
> since February, with this result ... (100% SFW) ...
> Promptly gone back into the COVID-cave for the (un)foreseeable future.
> Too much anxiety all around, and besides: wearing a mask while
> shooting causes the viewfinder to fog up annoyingly often. Also fogs
> my reading glasses while trying to review shots on the tethering
> notebook. And I had to keep considering if I was too close to the
> model even though I chose a short tele for distancing.

You perfectly nailed that shallow depth of field. 

The way you posed her with that shallow DoF looks downright surreal.

Nice shot, but I like the next one (jacket required) even better.

Larry Colen
lrc at

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