story 3 of the new APS-C flagship

P. J. Alling webstertwentysix at
Tue Sep 8 08:04:38 EDT 2020

> Perhaps Ricoh/Pentax is planning to follow the Leica route of going 
> against the main stream for a small public. 
That would seem to be the way to go if you're a small player in a market.

Trying to compete against the big boys doesn't seem to have done Olympus 
any good, even though they used the newest tech they could to enhance 
their retro offerings.

Sony has decided to spend all it's corporate treasury to capture the 
mainstream photographic market, and Nikon and Canon seem to be unwilling 
to go quietly into oblivion, while Panasonic wants to give Sony a run 
for it's money. That doesn't leave much for a small player.

If Pentax want's to  become the Leica of the Pentaprism, and can manage 
it, that just gives photographers more options.

On 9/6/2020 4:49 PM, Henk Terhell wrote:
> A camera nowadays has so many features and no doubt many customers use 
> ony a part of them. As an example I've never used the video of my DSLR's.
> But no way I would buy now a camera with fixed screen, because with 
> the K-1  I'm tilting the screen in perhaps a quart  of my shots in 
> nature.
> We have to wait and see what improvements the new APS-C will bring 
> besides the brighter OVF,  but I wonder about the appreciation of the 
> fixed screen when introduced on the market.
> Perhaps Ricoh/Pentax is planning to follow the Leica route of going 
> against the main stream for a small public.
> Henk
> Op 2020-09-06 om 21:01 schreef Bruce Walker:
>> On Fri, 4 Sep 2020 at 10:30, Henk Terhell <hterhell at> wrote:
>>> Well, as expected, the die is cast: the new flagship will have a
>>> fixed LCD screen.
>>> Wrong decisions by R/P....
>> I have a tilt-up screen on my 645Z which I *never* use. I only ever
>> shoot using the OVF so the LCD remains flat against the body.
>> Ironically, I am considering substituting a (tilting LCD) K-1 for my
>> (non-tilting) K-3 as my backup/alternate body, and I would treat that
>> tiltable K-1 LCD the same way: stuck resolutely to the back. Can't use
>> an LCD viewscreen for shooting; don't need an LCD viewscreen for
>> shooting.
>> And really, since Ricoh/Pentax has decided to stick with the OVF and
>> forgo mirrorless designs, favouring the OVF is a reasonable way to go.
Any idiot can shoot with a Canon, Nikon, or Sony, it takes a special kind of idiot to use a Pentax.

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