September PUG is up

Igor PDML-StR pdmlstr at
Mon Sep 7 20:56:17 EDT 2020

Thank you, as always for putting it together, and for keeping it going!

Thank you, Rick, Christine and Dan for the kind words!

Dan, I am glad you liked the humor!
I was thinking about that photo for a while, but the start of the school 
year was helping my procrastination in not finding the old hard drive that 
contained this photo. I've finally found it the very last night before 
Brian closed the submission.

Christine, I just wanted to mention that it was a goat, unlike
the camel in this photo (from a different place, but taken with the same
fish-eye lens):



Christine Aguila Sat, 05 Sep 2020 01:10:26 -0700 wrote:

> That’s a great group of shots!  I especially like Ralf’s and it was 
> great to end with the fish eye of the camel poking his nose through the 
> fence!  Nicely done everyone!  Cheers, Christine

  Daniel J. Matyola Fri, 04 Sep 2020 06:43:22 -0700 wrote:

> Igor's "Through the Iron Curtain" is a lovely image filled with humor,
> including the title.  The fisheye works quite well here.

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