PESO Not bad for just after a hit and run

John jsessoms002 at
Mon Sep 7 18:44:16 EDT 2020

I think that one's totaled. Probably twisted the frame too much for it to be 

I'm guessing that was his car. Did you get any pics of hers?

On 9/6/2020 04:36:54, Alan C wrote:
> Motor accidents are such a waste. Too many hooligans. Would that SUV be repaired 
> or simply written off? Over here repair costs have become so prohibitive that 
> insurance companies are quick to write off. Panel beaters then buy the wrecks at 
> bargain basement prices & repair them for re-sale anyway. (Or you can take a 
> reduced insurance payout & have the vehicle repaired by a back-yard shop).
> Alan C
> On 06-Sep-20 07:14 AM, Larry Colen wrote:
>> A little after 8 I heard a wreck in front of my house, went out front, saw a 
>> woman driving past in a totally beat up small SUV, by the sound it was 
>> dragging the right front wheel.  It turns out she had hit another car on the 
>> bridge 100 yards up the road from my house.  Nobody was hurt, she did get 
>> caught (she wasn’t going to get far).  This fellow, Nick, was the poor guy she 
>> hit.  He wasn’t hurt, but his car was toast:
>> Pnel beaters then bu
>> Full set:
>> Only two more hours until my birthday, I wonder what other joy my fifties have 
>> in store for me.
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