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The Cornish also migrated to the lead mining region of Southwest 
Wisconsin.  When first arriving, and before they could build homes, they 
lived in caves dug into the hillsides to shelter from the weather.  
Non-miners called them badgers and it was from this and their mining 
activities that Wisconsin is nicknamed "The Badger State".


On 9/7/2020 10:07 AM, Stanley Halpin wrote:
> So, I am NOT from the UK but I can offer some responses.
>> On Sep 7, 2020, at 10:06 AM, Daniel J. Matyola <danmatyola at gmail.com> wrote:
>> These are serious questions, not meant to be political, solely to satisfy
>> my own curiosity:
>> 1.  What the heck is Cornwall?  Is it just a region of England, or are the
>> Cornish a separate ethnic group, like, for example, the Welsh?
> The Cornish are a Celtic group which were conquered and gradually assimilated into the hodgepodge England.
> NOT JUST a region, but the most important region of present-day England. (So says he whose father-in-law was born in Cornwall. Others may well disagree with this assessment.)
> The Cornish language has all but disappeared but elements of the culture linger on. From more recent history, the tin mines in the area provided not only tin but also Cornishmen who immigrated to Michigan's Upper Peninsula and took on mining jobs there. Bringing with them the Cornish Pasty, one of the most important culinary advances in the modern era. (So says he whose wife learned how to make pasties from her Cornish grandmother.) I do acknowledge some passing resemblance to Italian Calzones and their descendent, the Argentine empanadas, but pasties are really something else.
> As far as Brexit is concerned, from my reading of today’s news from the UK, it seems Boris is setting up to abrogate the Northern Irish understanding, thereby almost inevitably leading to a No Deal exit. Like other politicians in ancient and recent and current history, he has figured that creating chaos in one realm is effective in distracting attention from other stuff going on, like pandemics and such.
> stan
>> 2.  Whatever happened to Brexit?  Has it just faded into insignificance
>> because of the pandemic, or will the government sit down and really try to
>> work something out with the Germans and the French?
>> Dan Matyola
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