PESO 2020 - 200-203 - GDG

Godfrey DiGiorgi godfreydigiorgi at
Sun Sep 6 11:54:33 EDT 2020

So, of course, despite not being out shooting for a few weeks, I do actually have a bunch more photos I haven't finished rendering yet ... :D

I picked these four out of my 'walks' set with the Hasselblad as being reasonably compatible in aesthetic to post together. 

Palm Tree & Shrub by Hotel Windows - Santa Clara 2020 ::
Faux Arches - Santa Clara 2020 ::
Porch & Sitting Bench - Santa Clara 2020 ::
Gutter Drain Against Electricals - Santa Clara 2020 ::

"You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus."
  – Mark Twain

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