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Opinions differ:
Robert Capa's photographs inspired the opening sequence of Steven
Spielberg's "Saving Private Ryan" and his love affair with Ingrid Bergman
was the basis for Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window."


*Rear Window* was adapted from a story in *Dime Detective Magazine* called
"It Had To Be Murder" by Cornell Woolrich, writing as William English. * *
* In Woolrich's story, the hero had no profession. In *Rear Window*, he is
a photojournalist. Donald Spoto, one of Hitchcock's biographers (the one
with his mind in the gutter) speculated that he was inspired by Ingrid
Bergman's love for photojournalist Robert Capa, a romance observed by
Hitchcock while shooting *Notorious* with Bergman. Spoto suggests Hitchcock
was fascinated by Capa's indifference to a beautiful woman about whom he
could only fantasize. Other writers have suggested a closer
autobiographical tie is the villain Torvald's resemblance to producer David
O. Selznick, with whom Hitchcock had often tussled for creative control.


However, clearly flummoxed as to how any man could say ‘no’ to Ingrid
Bergman, Hitchcock used the Bergman-Capa dynamic as the model for the
relationship of the leads in his film *Rear Window **(1954)*. Lisa Freemont
(Grace Kelly) is a beautiful and gracious fashionista who wants L. B.
‘Jeff’ Jeffries (James Stewart), a globe-trotting photojournalist, to stop
putting himself in harm’s way, marry her and take pictures in the fashion
world of New York City. But, like Capa, Jeffries’ not interested in such
domesticity. However, solving a murder and almost dying can apparently
bring a couple much closer together. And in the final frames of *Rear
Window*, we get to see just how these two celluloid opposites have figured
out a way to make their relationship last. Sadly, *Rear Window* was
released the very year that Capa died, killed by a landmine while on
assignment in Vietnam.


Dan Matyola

On Sat, Sep 5, 2020 at 10:28 AM Bob Pdml <pdmlbw at gmail.com> wrote:

> I’ve read that Capa and Bergman are the models for the two main characters
> in Hitchcock’s Rear Window.
> > On 5 Sep 2020, at 14:56, Daniel J. Matyola <danmatyola at gmail.com> wrote:
> >
> > For those interested in the private lives of great photographers, I
> > understand this book is being made into a movie (once the pandemic
> permits):
> >
> > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seducing_Ingrid_Bergman
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