story 3 of the new APS-C flagship (PESO)

Henk Terhell hterhell at
Sat Sep 5 04:04:59 EDT 2020

I had hoped in vain for a flagship with all features as K1(II) in APS-C 
format, to get more reach and less weight.
Here a focus stacked picture of mushrooms on my drive way taken 
yesterday, to show the need for a tilted screen.
On a wooden plate I've fitted an Arca-Swiss clamp to get stability.
(Yes, I will mow the lawn today!)


Op 2020-09-04 om 22:55 schreef P. J. Alling:
> I wouldn't say it was a wrong decision.  If you want an APS-C Pentax 
> with a tilt or flip screen there are two current models that 
> suffice.   A KP or a K70.  Even thought I don't particularly want 
> either they are great bargains at the moment, about half what I expect 
> the new flagship to debut at.   Sure you give up some battery life and 
> some buffer, but what I would want a flippy screen for buffer and 
> battery life are probably the least of my worries.  I also expect that 
> given current sensor tech you won't see a lot of difference between 
> results from them vs the new flagship.
> Not having an articulated screen does have the advantage of avoiding 
> another point of failure.  I'll bet that Ricoh has a lot of internal 
> data showing more screen repairs on those models than on any of the 
> others.
> On 9/4/2020 4:29 AM, Henk Terhell wrote:
>> Well, as expected, the die is cast: the new flagship will have a 
>> fixed LCD screen.
>> Wrong decisions by R/P....
>> Henk

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