OT: 30 Landscapes You Won't Believe Are in the U.S.

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My list of countries visited or lived in:
England     Wales     Northern Ireland     Scotland     Jersey
France       The Netherlands     Italy     Portugal    Germany
Finland      Spain     Egypt     Turkey     U.S.A
China         Vietnam     Hong Kong     Island of Saint Helena     Australia
New Zealand     South Africa     Singapore     Japan     New Caledonia
Austria     Czech Republic     United Arab Emirates     

Not included, places where I've only touched down at the airport!

John in Brisbane

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Nice to read, John... thought you might have been to a couple more.

Here's the thing about travels.. while I have been to 49 states and all 
the Canadian Provinces, the only other foreign countries I've been to 
are Mexico
(deducing that wading across the Rio Grande in a remote area of Big 
Bend) and France.. while I imagine most of the rest of you on the list 
have been
to lots more countries abroad.. even if some were not for such pleasant 
reasons - I know some of you are Vets.


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