OT: 30 Landscapes You Won't Believe Are in the U.S.

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Nice to read, John... thought you might have been to a couple more.

Here's the thing about travels.. while I have been to 49 states and all 
the Canadian Provinces, the only other foreign countries I've been to 
are Mexico
(deducing that wading across the Rio Grande in a remote area of Big 
Bend) and France.. while I imagine most of the rest of you on the list 
have been
to lots more countries abroad.. even if some were not for such pleasant 
reasons - I know some of you are Vets.


On 9/3/2020 5:02 PM, John wrote:
> Using the checklist Ann gave me I've got my list up to 13. There are a 
> couple my family went to when I was a child that I haven't been able 
> to get back to and a couple more I haven't ... I added Sequoia 
> National Park to the list because we went through it on the way from 
> my aunts (mom's sister) house in Sylmar, CA to Yosemite.
> And Saguaro National Park that wasn't yet a National Park (it was 
> still a National Monument) when we visited it going out to California.
> Like I said, I took two trips to California with my family once in 
> 1960 and again in 1964. The first trip we went via Oklahoma where we 
> picked up Route 66 and the second trip we went down through Atlanta 
> and followed I-20 west to I-10
> On 9/1/2020 10:37:25, ann sanfedele wrote:
>> I cant resist giving you guys my numbers now.. with relatively brief 
>> explaination of how I managed it.
>> Printed out the list of 62 NP's and checked off 45 for sure and a 
>> couple of more with question marks
>> because I was likely there as a child before they were designated as 
>> National Parks. all 45 are those that
>> can be reached by car and are either in the contiguous 48 or in 
>> Alaska. Been in every state but HAwaii.
>> My father was old enough to be my grandfather when I wsa born.. he 
>> was, unfortuantely, something of a boozer
>> and had some problems with heart - in  January 1945 he was "retired" 
>> from a sales management job
>> when he though he was going to be promoted and given only a few 
>> months severance.. something I didn't know
>> until recently (that is, the reasons).  A lot of what contributed to 
>> my having seen 44 of the 48 states before I was
>> 12 was our trips were , post war, partly business trips as Pop's old 
>> cronies from the salad days gave him sales jobs
>> and he took my mother and me with him.  Traveling before 1945 was for 
>> pleasure and visiting family, but parents
>> were always interested in the parks. Mammoth Cave was a strong memory 
>> from childhood.
>> I lived in Maine in the 60's - so there was Acacia..  took geology in 
>> college which got me to Yellowstone on a field trip.
>> Then I met Richard in 1980 , who had travelled widely in Europe and 
>> Asia but didn't know the USA - so road trips began..
>> and most of the parks on the list were visited with him, sometimes 
>> for the second time, many for the first.
>> I kept taking them on my own after I lost him in 1993..  Because 
>> Richard hit senior landmark when we were
>> together I got my Golden Age Passport card and I still have it, 
>> hoping to be able to use it again one day.  I think
>> it is supposed to be good for the National Monuments as well.
>> ann
>> On 9/1/2020 1:29 AM, John Francis wrote:
>>> On Mon, Aug 31, 2020 at 11:04:25AM -0400, John wrote:
>>>> I've been to 5 of them as an adult; 7 if you count Yosemite that my 
>>>> parents
>>>> took the kids to see back during one of the two California trips that
>>>> included me.
>>> Hmm.  I'm pretty sure I've been to more than that.  Let's see:
>>> Acadia, Bryce Canyon, Death Valley, Grand Canyon, King's Canyon, 
>>> Sequoia, Yosemite, Zion.
>>> (It certainly helps living in California; all but one of those we've 
>>> visited by driving
>>> from home since we moved here 25 years ago.  Acadia we visited when 
>>> we lived back east,
>>> and took our local Girl Scout troop camping in Acadia one year).
>>> I've been to Yosemite more than once.  Larry and I took a quick trip 
>>> out there when I had
>>> just purchased my K5.  One of these years I'll get out there during 
>>> the spring snowmelt.
>>> My bucket list includes Joshua Tree and the parks in Oregon and 
>>> Washington (state).
>>> I suppose I should visit my closest one, too - Pinnacles - it's 
>>> visible from around here.

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