Vintage Enlarger

jcoyle at jcoyle at
Tue Oct 20 22:03:51 EDT 2020

I have two enlargers - my first, a Gnome 35mm from 1968, and an LPL700 with dichroic colour head, and three enlarger
lens, a Wray 50mm , an El-NIKKOR 50mm and a Schneider-Kreuznach Comparon 75mm, plus all the gear for home enlarging and
printing.  Haven't actually done any for a few years now, but everything is there if anyone wanted it.  Tried to find
anyone (schools, clubs, etc.  ) a few years ago to give or sell to with no responses - maybe now that there are some
people taking up film again it might be different.

I've just signed up for Free Cycle, so I might give it a go.

John in Brisbane

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