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Very cool.

I suspect that you might have some success with polarizing both the source light and the camera. You also might want to arrange it so that the crystal face "reflects" a black background rather than the source light.

On October 19, 2020 12:11:27 PM PDT, Igor PDML-StR <pdmlstr at> wrote:
>Back in May, sitting at home, we did some scientific experiments:
>we grew salt crystals, and then I quickly took a few photos that the
>could show to her virtual class.
>This is the most "photogenic" crystal
>However, it is actually polycrystalline (you can see crystallites of a 
>different crystalline orientation), and it was a "byproduct".
>The main crystal is monocrystalline (except maybe some junk at the
>This was not a big photography project, the photographs were taken 
>quickly on the kitchen table (a last-minute thought).
>The biggest challenge with photographing crystals was choosing the
>and its direction to highlight the crystal planes.
>I would expect that lighting techniques used by Mark C. while 
>photographing his snowflakes would be useful for this type of subject, 
>even though these crystals are macroscopic, unlike the snowflakes.
>All comments are welcome!
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