OT Geso: my annual ATV week in northern Ontario

Alan C cole at lantic.net
Mon Oct 19 09:40:49 EDT 2020

Well done, Dave - I enjoyed that lot. The last one of the Lab brought a 
lump to my throat. Ours passed on about year ago.

Alan C

On 18-Oct-20 09:30 PM, David J Brooks wrote:
> Had a decent week up north at Thanksgiving but  lost a day and a half due
> to rain. Still managed to put 100 miles on the bikes exploring old and new
> trails. Got 1 more out house for my calendar this year.. Colour almost gone
> and flat so I needed to "pump up the jam" so to speak.
> Fuji X30 minor LR6 adjustments
> https://www.thepassingshow.com/f613060188
> Dave

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