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Sun Oct 18 15:27:01 EDT 2020

You seem to be a great teacher, at least when dealing with subject matter
you love!

Dan Matyola

On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 2:23 PM Steve Cottrell <cotty at> wrote:

> Hidehi PDMLers
> A friend of my wife's has been after a 'digital camera lesson' for some
> time, and she finally came around last Friday. I had been dreading it, but
> actually it went very well. She's a musician (violin) and artist.
> She's in her 60s and many years ago had used 35mm cameras and even
> developed her own film, and printed. But this new-fangled digital was
> giving her a headache...
> I pinched a few pics of the interwebz and printed them out, breakdown of a
> mirrorless and DSLR, f-stops, ISO sensitivity etc - I knew she had a DSLR
> and was prepared for her to produce a Canon - but no! Out came a Pentax
> Kr....
> The lesson was about 90 minutes and started with basics, progressing onto
> exposure and how crucial the lens choice was and so on. The one thing that
> threw her was the mode dial up top. So we went through the whole PASM
> thing, and I explained what each meant. She was very enthusiastic and
> despite my providing some primer sheets, she took notes in a booklet. I had
> my Olympus Pen F on hand, and of course then sensor sizes needed
> explaining.
> When we got onto how aperture affects the photo, I retrieved my K50/1.4
> and put that on her camera (which only had an 18-55 kit lens) and let her
> have a play - she was amazed that the lens worked and illustrated perfectly
> the concepts discussed using the live preview facility. She was astonished
> to learn that you can pick up a 50/1.7 for peanuts off eBay - and
> apparently spent the evening scouring for some bargains.
> I also had my MX at hand, and that was great for showing how the shutter
> works, stripped of lens and back. So much better to have the hardware in
> front of you to illustrate theory....
> That's all really. Found the Kr to be a usable camera, perfect for her.
> Some of the menus were a bit confusing, but got there. And the rubbish up
> there on the mode dial! Get rid of it all and just have PASM (although it
> took me a minute to figure out that Sv was not 'shutter priority' haha -
> the Pentax obviously being 'PATMS'....)
> Work picking up a bit for me finally, and been shooting some more sailing
> things, got a 30 minute doc about a gaff-rigged cutter built in France in
> 1913 called the Jolie Brise coming out soon, so will post a link in case
> anyone's interested. All shot on a (new to me) Sony PMW-F3.
> Meanwhile, more boat building tomorrow! Filmmaker, photographer, and also
> now rigger, cabinet-maker, plumber and electrician.
> Needs must...
> Cheers all
> cotty
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