My Birds in the Times

Daniel J. Matyola danmatyola at
Sun Oct 18 13:34:58 EDT 2020

Just goes to prove the way to get lucky is to do a lot of good, hard work!

Dan Matyola

On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 8:06 AM Paul Stenquist <pnstenquist at>

> For most of my live I’ve been very fortunate in that my interests — my
> passions — have often led to a happy place, a stream of income. Now my
> birds have paid off at least in a small way. From the At Home section of
> the Sunday NY Times:
> By the way I wanted to get deeper into the photo side of things and, in
> the first draft had even described my Pentax rig, but my Times editor
> didn’t want it to sound too expensive.
> Paul
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