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ann sanfedele annsan at nyc.rr.com
Fri Oct 16 15:22:53 EDT 2020

It's getting difficult to literally feed the kitty - between the Ultra 
sound she had (which someone did help me out with ) and the LID food she 
well, it would be great if some of you would find -something- you could 
use among all the stuff I'm selling on ebay and cafe press. MInd you,
while itis nice ti sell the cafepress things, I get only a small royalty 
and dont see the money for at least aa month -- purchases ther and like 
are good advertising for me and if anything really took off I"d be 
fine.. HOWEVER
I have 73 items on ebay..almost  all of which are listed as Buy it Now 
or BEST OFFER.. and only one item (a very expensive thingy I'm sellin 
gfor a friend)
has a bottom cut off..  There are books, mugs, Starbucks cards, trinket 
boxes, jigsaw puzzles and other games.. hoping some of them will appeal 
to just aa few  of you - jsut let me know in email if you do buy 
something or watch something waht your ebay handle is - I'll be 
accepting lower best offer numbers than I would normally..  also lots of 
stuff that is very inexpensive but the number of sales I make count 
toward my getting perks and discounts not just how much I billed.

Use the link below in the signature area (second line) to see my stuff 
on cafe press..

here is a link to one item on ebay - then you can use "see sellers other 
items"  for the rest.


Thanks for at least looking and liking if not enough to buy anything :-)

Ann and Ashley

ann sanfedele photography

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