OT Instagram

John jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com
Mon Oct 12 05:43:41 EDT 2020

I don't use it, but according to Wikipedia there's a desktop "app" (presumably 
for Apple OS) and a Windows 10 desktop app.

I also found this from Google: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e633jE45jvM

And at a guess, I expect you can post to Instagram from Facebook (something else 
I don't use, so it's only a guess).

On 10/11/2020 17:13:25, Toine wrote:
> Anybody using instagram? It's very popular so I heard. I remember Instagram
> as a lomography retro vintage style app with a very silly and ugly icon
> (they changed that). Since it is focused on photography I started using it.
> To my surprise and an hour or so wasted: you can't upload from a desktop pc
> or mac!
> Thats nuts! Or they think a real camera is something of the past

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