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Bruce Walker bruce.walker at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 20:50:59 EDT 2020

Toine, the lack of Real Computer posting was an intentional design
decision the Instagram designers made ages ago. At the time Twitter
was the big up and coming deal and the Instagram guys decided to
create something similar for images that would promote spontaneity and
casualness. They really wanted folks to share snaps from their mobile
devices pretty much live, like shots of your lunch or the concert
you're attending. The concept of enabling professional photographers
to join in was not on their radar.

So you'll find that the only legal way to post shots is via a mobile
device, and what's worse, if the EXIF contains a date older than a few
days it won't even show you the image to post it. They initially
enforced a square crop on all shots to fit in with some tight-assed UI
design aesthetic but eventually relented and relaxed that to include
up to 8x10 (4:5 ratio) in portrait, and even wider in landscape.

What I do is to export images from Lightroom on my iMac stripping the
EXIF (specifically: no date), and adding white bars to the image to
letterbox it if it's a narrower portrait than 8x10 format. IG will
happily accept reasonably wide landscape formats. Then I send the
images to my iPad through AirDrop, and post from the IG app on the
iPad. 1600px in the longest dimension seems to work okay for

My IG profile is @bruce.walker

BTW, there are applications around that claim to allow posting
directly from a desktop but Instagram always thwarts these eventually
by changing their protocol. I used to use a Lightroom plugin called
Lr/Instagram but it broke completely last year and the developer
hasn't managed to fix it since. Some folks run the native Instagram
app in a browser developer window; I can't be bothered to go to those


On Sun, Oct 11, 2020 at 5:14 PM Toine <toine at repiuk.nl> wrote:
> Anybody using instagram? It's very popular so I heard. I remember Instagram
> as a lomography retro vintage style app with a very silly and ugly icon
> (they changed that). Since it is focused on photography I started using it.
> To my surprise and an hour or so wasted: you can't upload from a desktop pc
> or mac!
> Thats nuts! Or they think a real camera is something of the past
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