OT: Smartphone Telephoto Lenses

John jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com
Fri Oct 9 12:53:46 EDT 2020

On 10/9/2020 10:20:36, Bill wrote:
> On 10/6/2020 12:38 PM, Paul Stenquist wrote:
>> I was surprised to learn that the “telephoto” lens on the best Apple and 
>> Samsung phones yields only the fov of a 50 mm lens on 35 mm full frame. Not 
>> exactly a big glass look and hardly deserving of the telephoto moniker.
>> Paul
> Not quite correct, at least on my Galaxy Note 10. The phone has 3 cameras, the 
> wide angle is quite wide, somewhere between 24 and 28mm equivalent on a 35mm 
> format, the standard is pretty close to 40mm equivalent, the telephoto is closer 
> to 70mm than 50mm equivalent.
> I checked this by comparing the live view on the K1 to the phone screen.
> Something to remember is that the phone is a much wider aspect ratio. The Note 
> 10 is 19:9 compared to the 2:3 aspect ratio of 35mm.
> I did my Q&D comparison by looking at the top to bottom coverage rather than 
> side to side coverage.
> bill

The Pentax 110 had a 70mm telephoto & a tele-extender. I don't know what the 
equivalent 35mm lenses would be.

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