short veso : Ashley's ordeal

John jsessoms002 at
Mon Oct 5 15:48:10 EDT 2020

I'm pretty sure the bad taste is intentional so you won't take any more of it 
than you absolutely have to.

On 10/5/2020 15:30:53, Rick Womer wrote:
> Glad she’s on the mend, Ann! Prednisone is nasty, bitter-tasting stuff, very
> difficult to mask. Too bad there aren’t 2.5mg tablets!
> Rick
>> On Oct 5, 2020, at 1:11 PM, John <jsessoms002 at> wrote:
>> I'm glad to hear she's doing better. I hope the "forever" for the weekly
>> 1/2 pills is a long, long time.
>> On 10/5/2020 08:08:06, ann sanfedele wrote:
>>> Now that she is much better and has gained back some weight I feel I can
>>> share this mini vid I took before I took her to get an Ultra Sound two
>>> weeks ago. She had to do without any food after midnight the night before
>>> this was shot and she was NOT pleased.. as she let me know here.. She had
>>> had a concerning pattern of weight loss recently , vet visit a couple of
>>> months ago indicated some kind of IBD  - she got steroids and B vitamin
>>> shot and improved a bit then declined again.. so the Ultra Sound proved
>>> necessary.. she came home with pills to take  1/2 of twice a day for two
>>> weeks then once a week "forever" It took some creativity to get the pill
>>> into her - the solution after some experimenting turned out to be burying
>>> the tiny thing in a small wad of cheddar cheese - actually, English
>>> Double Glouster . she gets that into her tummy quickly and therefore is
>>> spared the bitter taste of the pill (mashing up the pill in her food was
>>> NOT a good solution "fool me once... ")  the pills are Prednisolone . 5mg
>>> pills cut in half.   I didn't want to tell people anything aobut her
>>> trials until I was able to say she is responding nicely to the meds and
>>> is up to many of her old naughty tricks , is displaying good bathroom
>>> behaviour and hasn't barfed  at all in two weeks. so here is the short
>>> vid I took early in the morning of Sept 22 before we went to the vet..
>>> video verite - took with my darkside little camera - no editing. 
>>> ann


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