short veso : Ashley's ordeal

ann sanfedele annsan at
Mon Oct 5 08:08:06 EDT 2020

Now that she is much better and has gained back some weight I feel I can 
share this mini vid I took before I took her to get an Ultra Sound two 
weeks ago. She had to
do without any food after midnight the night before this was shot and 
she was NOT pleased.. as she let me know here..

She had had a concerning pattern of weight loss recently , vet visit a 
couple of months ago indicated some kind of IBD  - she got steroids and 
B vitamin shot and
improved a bit then declined again.. so the Ultra Sound proved 
necessary.. she came home with pills to take  1/2 of twice a day for two 
weeks then once a week "forever"
It took some creativity to get the pill into her - the solution after 
some experimenting turned out to be burying the tiny thing in a small 
wad of cheddar cheese - actually, English Double Glouster . she gets 
that into her tummy quickly and therefore is spared the bitter taste of 
the pill (mashing up the pill in her food was NOT a good solution
"fool me once... ")  the pills are Prednisolone . 5mg pills cut in 
half.   I didn't want to tell people anything aobut her trials until I 
was able to say she is responding nicely
to the meds and is up to many of her old naughty tricks , is displaying 
good bathroom behaviour and hasn't barfed  at all in two weeks.

so here is the short vid I took early in the morning of Sept 22 before 
we went to the vet..  video verite - took with my darkside little camera 
- no editing.


ann sanfedele photography

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