Out and about

John jsessoms002 at nc.rr.com
Sun Oct 4 18:10:54 EDT 2020

In the last 7 days I've been out of the house twice for reasons other than dire 
necessity (i.e. grocery shopping/building materials).

Last Wednesday I went over to Durham to take photos of my parents graves. I took 
the dog along & let him out to wander a bit (had my plastic bags with me to 
clean up if I needed to)

Today I took him out to the greenway & we walked for an hour or so. Gotta go 
back with my camera because I did see a few things I want to capture.

It's been a long dismal summer. I used to go out every Tuesday to play music. 
I'd get $40 cash from the ATM to have supper & the rest of it would be my 
walking around money for the weekend.

My last trip to the ATM was the second week of March, for my regular Tuesday 
outing, but when I got there it was canceled & the coffee shop was closed. It 
was the beginning of the lock-down.

To give you some idea of how tight my isolation has been, I still have $13 cash 
in my wallet from that last trip to the ATM.

On my last grocery shopping trip I noticed that ATM has been removed because 
they're building something on the out-parcel where it used to stand.

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