OT: Why are cars getting bigger?

Ralf R Radermacher fotoralf at gmx.de
Thu Oct 1 04:49:52 EDT 2020

Am 01.10.20 um 07:31 schrieb Boris Liberman:

> One can also look at VW Polo. It is as big now as some earlier generations
> of VW Golf.

My rented space in an underground car park is a sort of alcove with
limited length. My good old Opel/Vauxhall Vectra B estate fit nicely.
Would have loved to get the Vectra C afterwards but that was too long,
so I had to "scale down" to an Astra which was again a few centimeters
longer but still fit.

So, I'll have to keep buying the next smaller model (which is still
bigger than the old bigger model) if I want to keep my place in the car
park (these are rare and not exactly cheap here).

Sometimes I wonder how we ever got around the next corner with a Volvo
121 that had 68 HP and size 175 tyres.


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