GESOs: Unwanted Visitors

ann sanfedele annsan at
Sun Jun 28 14:00:33 EDT 2020

HOw did this happen? this came in to my PDML box as having come from 
me.. not Dan.. and I got some weird message hmmmm

Our pool has been remarkably clean and free from vermin this year, except
for one huge bullfrog that I removed a couple of weeks ago and relocated to
the local river.

For some reason, we have had a string of ugly ane unwanted visitors in the
pool the past couple of weeks.  This may have been provoked by a long very
hot and dry spell, followed by sudden rainfall.  In any event, If anyone
would care to help me identify these alien invaders, it would be greatly

The first is a small, skinny snake, less that one foot long:

The second appears to be some sort of caterpillar, about and inch and a
half long:

The third defies all description, but is less than an inch long:

All were taken with my K-5 IIs, with the smc FA 100 mm Macro F2.8, hand
Identifications as well as comments and criticisms are invited.

Dan Matyola
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