GESOs: Unwanted Visitors

Alan C cole at
Sun Jun 28 13:59:30 EDT 2020

That last thing? Yuk. Looks like something partially eaten (so there is 
probably another lurker). Th caterpillar looks like that of a Hawk Moth. 
The snake i don't know.

Take care.

Alan C

On 28-Jun-20 06:52 PM, Daniel J. Matyola wrote:
> Our pool has been remarkably clean and free from vermin this year, except
> for one huge bullfrog that I removed a couple of weeks ago and relocated to
> the local river.
> For some reason, we have had a string of ugly ane unwanted visitors in the
> pool the past couple of weeks.  This may have been provoked by a long very
> hot and dry spell, followed by sudden rainfall.  In any event, If anyone
> would care to help me identify these alien invaders, it would be greatly
> appreciated.
> The first is a small, skinny snake, less that one foot long:
> The second appears to be some sort of caterpillar, about and inch and a
> half long:
> The third defies all description, but is less than an inch long:
> All were taken with my K-5 IIs, with the smc FA 100 mm Macro F2.8, hand
> held.
> Identifications as well as comments and criticisms are invited.
> Dan Matyola
> *
> <>*

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