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Sun Jun 28 00:26:58 EDT 2020

> On Jun 27, 2020, at 8:58 PM, Sandy Harris <sandyinchina at gmail.com> wrote:
> Has anyone here owned this or played with it enough to comment on it?

Have never even seen one in the flesh.  One of the things that I truly appreciate about my Pentaxes is the weather sealing, which the K-S1 lacks.  

> I'm not a remarkably dedicated or sophisticated photographer. I owned
> a K-X for some time & encountered no limitations that bothered me.
> Currently I have a K-01 which I mostly use with 21 Limited & 50/1.8.
> That's a pretty good lightweight travel kit & I'm mostly happy with
> it.
> I want a second camera, mostly to improve the travel kit. Some lenses
> I have -- A35-105 3.5 and Tokina 100-300 f4 -- are clumsy on the K-01
> & I'd like to get something with a viewfinder for those. I'll be
> visiting Japan when COVID allows & plan to prowl second hand shops
> there.
> K-S1 seems an obvious choice because it is light & might be cheap, but
> anything from that up to K3 II might suit me. Suggestions?

I’d say to go for something with features and capabilities that the K-01 lacks that way you will have access to “the right camera” in a wider range of situations. I will say that unless I am shooting in particularly challenging light I almost never choose between the K-3 and the K-1 based on image quality.  I expect that some of the newer APS bodies are even better.

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