PESO: Pachypodium Lamerei

Alan C cole at
Sat Jun 27 10:12:34 EDT 2020

11 species of Pachypodium are found in Southern Africa & Mozambique. The 
largest, P. Namaquanum (Half-mense = Half-human), is found in the 
Richtersveld desert area in the extreme NW of SA. A smaller but similar 
plant, P. Lamerai (Madagascan Palm), hails from Madagascar. The latter 
have become very popular with gardeners in the past few years, growing 
easily from seed. We have propagated more than enough!

This is a late afternoon shot of a 3 year old plant in our garden: 

K5 and FA 100/2.8 Macro @ f4,  1/500sec,  ISO 200.

Alan C

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