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> On Jun 23, 2020, at 7:34 AM, ann sanfedele <annsan at> wrote:
> I have a suggestion for Christine from my days of shooting product for market research , which I'll go into below.
> But to clarify, dan, what I do is design patterns in Photoshop Elements usually starting with photos but not necessarily and put the designs on cafepress.
> in my "shop" there and on thier market place.  cafepress has a lot of products they can and do put my stuff on and the affiliates on the market place select them to put on t shirts, mugs, wall hangings, linens, and calendars of course.  I also put some designs up on site that mainly produces yard goods but
> I found it a bit too complicated a procedure and one had to buy a sample patch for $5.00 before they would add your design for them to sell publicly..
> it is called Spoonflower .. they have design competitions too, but all of the fabrics are yardage of repetitive patterns , I was more interested in stretching
> a specific image to cover the whole area of whatever I wanted to make - which I was able to do in cafepress when I desgined a duvet cover and pillow for myself in 2018..  I showed off that fabric when you came to visit last year, Dan

I just ordered some fat quarters from Spoonflower.  Quality was decent, but I don’t think I ordered the higher grade fabric.  I didn’t design a pattern—just ordered someone else’s design.

> Christine - one thing I did to photograph artwork and especially things that had, as you said, shiney bits, is to get some polarizing sheets and
> put them over lights on stands to the left and right of the subject at 45 degree angles , and shoot with a polarizer on the camera.. I did this to shoot
> packages of foil wrapped candies on a shelf  - a real PITA.. Can't remember where I learned that - but I think it came from an article in one of the
> old photo magazines - and this was in the day of film, of course. The filters on the lights were rotated so that they would be at crossed Nichols in relation to the filter on the camera.

Excellent suggestions, Anne, I’ll definitely try this!  Copied to my notes! Big thanks!  Cheers, Christine 

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