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On 6/21/2020 17:48:35, Christine Aguila wrote:
> Hi Everyone!
> Hope all is well!
> Quick question:
> I’d like to develop skills used to photograph the textile arts—which can often include fabrics with beads and metals and sequins etc.
> So, has anyone done this kind of work?  Any recommendations? Tips? Resources?
> Also, any tips for ways and stands for hanging the art so it can be photographed?
> I do have a photography background stand for background papers etc.  Has anyone used this stand to photograph art?
> Maybe two stands?  One to hold the rolled background paper, then another stand to hang the art from?  Something like that?  What do you think?
> Cheers, Christine
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I have a permanently attached bar across the top of one wall in my living room 
that has a cloth backdrop on it. (10' section of 1" EMT & a couple of wall 
mounted plant hangers)

I also have a portable background support (2 light stands + a cross bar).

I have used the portable stand to hang a guitar so I could photograph it. I used 
a black high strength fish line to hang the guitar that was easy to Photoshop 
out afterwards.

I used a 4x8 foot white flat (actually just a piece of sheet-rock) that I aimed 
the light at and let light reflect off of it to illuminate the subject. That 
gives a very large soft light.

The backdrop is an old Martha Stewart King-size flat bed-sheet I dyed using Rit 
dyes flicked from a paint brush. It's a combination of blue & black and maybe a 
BIG ol' coffee stain on a slightly off-white sheet.

Come to think about it, I probably used the portable backdrop stand to hold the 
sheet up while I was "painting" it. That's likely the first thing I ever used it 

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