GESO BLM march in my front yard

Larry Colen lrc at
Sat Jun 20 14:39:57 EDT 2020

There’s been a bunch of handwringing on the local fb groups about the high school students organizing a march up Hwy 9, which would block traffic. There are ways around the route of the march, but if you’re on it, there’s nothing you can do but wait.  As it turns out, traffic was blocked for 30-45 minutes, I’ve seen worse for traffic accidents.

They did march  this morning. I was basically woken up by the drums, put on some clothes and ran up to get some photos.

It's good to see them worrying about something more substantial than cutting class and going to the beach, which is about the only thing my cohort ever got organized for.

Nothing of any particular photographic interest. I had my camera at Av, ISO 400 bracketing nominal and -2 at f/10.  I’m glad I bracketed the “underexposed” photos came out better.

One bonus, I did see one of my classmates. He recognized me ( I wasn’t wearing a mask in my front yard).

Larry Colen
lrc at

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