One step forward, two steps back

John jsessoms002 at
Sat Jun 13 19:30:32 EDT 2020

About a year ago I got a real good deal on a couple or 32" 4K monitors. At the 
time I couldn't install the one for my Photoshop computer because the video card 
maxed out at 2K.

I finally got a video card that will handle 4K and yesterday I installed it & 
set up the new monitor. Everything buttoned up right & tight and working 
perfectly (although I do still need to run calibration).

Today I went in to edit a couple of photos of the Bigboy, to answer Larry's 
question about the photos I took while I was in that video ...

Can't save them, my data hard-drive where I keep all my image files is *FULL*. 
I'm going to have to add more storage before I can USE my new display.

I've got room (and connections) to add 2 more SATA drives internally, so I'm 
going with Seagate 4TB IronWolf NAS drives. Gonna get 3 of them (one to migrate 
my existing 2TB of images to + 2 more ... which should give me an additional 
10TB of storage.

It took the better part of a decade to fill up that 2TB drive, so I expect an 
additional 10TB to be good for a while. Maybe long enough for me to get a "round 
tuit" and finally build that file server I've been wanting to replace my 
existing NAS box.

Procrastination means never having to ...

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Religion - Answers we must never question.

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