Does the teleconverter help?

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Sat Jun 13 02:48:50 EDT 2020

> On Jun 12, 2020, at 11:28 PM, Alan C <cole at> wrote:
> Igor, I did a lot of tests too. The TC shots were always inferior to the cropped shots without TC. I only have consumer lenses so I can't comment on how a TC performs with Limited or Star lenses. Paul's bird images with the D-FA 150-450 with 1.4x TC (=630mm) are so good which seems to suggest one need to start with top line glass. I'll dig out some of my test shots & post. I had a 1.7x TC AF converter from film days which I have now sold.

I suspect that it depends a lot on the lens and the teleconverter.  In this case, just looking at the best shots, I didn’t see a lot of people immediately saying that the TC was better, which means that even if it is better, it’s not dramatically so and therefore not the dramatically increased effort.

Thanks so much for the feedback.

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