PESO: robber fly

Henk Terhell hterhell at
Sun Jun 7 04:17:02 EDT 2020

Thanks John. There are > 7000 species of robber flies in the world, some 
of them looking like wasps.
They sting and paralyze their victims.
Their mathematic skills must be great, because I read they predict the 
traject of their preys in flight.


Op 2020-06-07 om 02:13 schreef jcoyle at
> Great shot Henk - I believe I would have called that a dragonfly!
> On the Island of St. Helena, I once watched a brilliant green wasp killing a
> cockroach: never saw it again and did not have a camera on me at the time!
> John in Brisbane
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> Since I once saw a robber fly attacking a damselfy I'm fascinated by these
> killing machines.
> There aren't many around that I can see, but today - a cold and wet day
> - one was hiding on a leaf in the bushes.
> Since this fly was not afraid of me I could get pretty close with the macro
> lens.
> Henk
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