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Mike- at the last count I think there were over 500 endemic and unique
species living in the island.  Some have only been observed a couple of
times in the last 150 years, but recent sightings confirm their survival.
The planting of the Millennium Forest in 2000 has given many of them a
better chance to continue to survive.

John in Brisbane

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> Great shot Henk - I believe I would have called that a dragonfly!
> On the Island of St. Helena, I once watched a brilliant green wasp killing
> cockroach: never saw it again and did not have a camera on me at the time!

St Helena has an exceptional biological diversity.  Even so, to find a
cuckoo wasp, which requires an extremely specific microhabitat to survive
plus (being parasitoid) specific organisms to host their young, on an island
in the middle of nowhere, is pretty special.

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