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Love it  - had thought it was some kind of abbreviation that morphed 
into being an acceptable word.

> As I love words, I subscribe to A.Word.A.Day. from Wordsmith.   <
> wsmith at wordsmith.org>  I thought the entry for today would interest some
> here and amuse others:
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> A.Word.A.Day
> with Anu Garg
> You may know Japan as the land that gave us manga and anime, ikebana and
> bonsai, and more. It’s also a place of high technology and deep
> enlightenment. It’s a place where they may be working on the gadget that
> can make a cup of tea in seconds. It’s also the place where learning how to
> properly make and serve tea can take years.
> Of all the places I have visited around the world, Japan remains among my
> most favorite. This week we’ll take you to Japan through five words from
> Japanese that we have borrowed into the English language. bokeh
> (BOH-kay/kuh) <https://wordsmith.org/words/bokeh.mp3>
> *noun*: The blurred effect in a photograph, typically as a soft
> out-of-focus background, that results in a pleasing effect and helps to
> draw attention to the subject of the photograph.
>  From Japanese boke (blur, haze) or boke-aji (blur quality). Earliest
> documented use: 1997.
> “All I remember now are those lights that decorated my soul behind a bokeh.”
> Mukhpreet Khurana; *Unlocked Silences*; Notion Press; 2018.
> I want to walk through life instead of being dragged through it. -Alanis
> Morissette, musician (b. 1 June 1974)
> Dan Matyola
> *https://tinyurl.com/DJM-Pentax-Gallery
> <https://tinyurl.com/DJM-Pentax-Gallery>*

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