D FA* 85mm f/1.4

Bill anotherdrunkensot at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 00:54:27 EDT 2020

On 6/1/2020 5:26 PM, Paul Stenquist wrote:
> I’m thinking $1700. It will be priced reasonably. It has to be to support the brand.

Amazon.com has it available for preorder for you. As I said in a 
previous post, it is US$1899.95. I was off by ninety five cents.
B&H and Adorama may sell it for a bit less, but I can't see it going for 

If you look at the MTF charts, this lens is quite a bit better superior 
to the Zeiss Otis 85/1.4 which doesn't have auto focus and sells for 

At F8, it doesn't have an MTF curve, it has a slightly wavy straight 
line clinging to the top of the graph. I've never seen anything like 
that before.
The sample pictures I have seen are stunning.

My pusher emailed me today that it's available for ordering, so mine is 
on it's way. I expect it to arrive sometime in the third week of this month.


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