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As I love words, I subscribe to A.Word.A.Day. from Wordsmith.   <
wsmith at wordsmith.org>  I thought the entry for today would interest some
here and amuse others:

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with Anu Garg

You may know Japan as the land that gave us manga and anime, ikebana and
bonsai, and more. It’s also a place of high technology and deep
enlightenment. It’s a place where they may be working on the gadget that
can make a cup of tea in seconds. It’s also the place where learning how to
properly make and serve tea can take years.

Of all the places I have visited around the world, Japan remains among my
most favorite. This week we’ll take you to Japan through five words from
Japanese that we have borrowed into the English language. bokeh

(BOH-kay/kuh) <https://wordsmith.org/words/bokeh.mp3>

*noun*: The blurred effect in a photograph, typically as a soft
out-of-focus background, that results in a pleasing effect and helps to
draw attention to the subject of the photograph.

>From Japanese boke (blur, haze) or boke-aji (blur quality). Earliest
documented use: 1997.

“All I remember now are those lights that decorated my soul behind a bokeh.”
Mukhpreet Khurana; *Unlocked Silences*; Notion Press; 2018.

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